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The success story behind most of the businesses is the use of online credit card processing. With the help of credit card swiping facility, making a payment has become relatively easy and quick. With this facility, you do not have to carry cash with you while purchasing and the transactions happen within seconds. Even if you are at home trying to do an online purchase, you can make payments sitting at home by just providing the card details.

Imagine a situation in which a customer hands you a credit card while making a payment. You stand there telling them that you do not have this facility and suggest the customer to draw cash from a nearby ATM counter. The customer might go draw the cash but you cannot expect the customer to come back. Nowadays, facilitating credit card payments online is more of an act of respect towards the customer. They feel offended when they are unable to make use of their comforts.

As there are many improvements made technology wise, it is easy to initiate and complete a credit card payment. What you need to do is sign up with a merchant account provider. They will be able to handle all kinds of even the most complicated transactions with ease. This will be the first step you take to ensure customer satisfaction and eventually ensure more business. Here are some of the ways in which you can enhance customer satisfaction.

Swipe Terminals At Your Retail Shop


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It is one of the most important things; you need to have a swipe terminal in your shop. Swiping the card is easier than making a payment with cash. You just swipe and type in the necessary data, then finally you may ask the customer to enter their pin, which is confidential, and then you can initiate the payment. The next minute, both the vender and the customer will get an alert on the transaction made.

Online Credit Card Purchasing

This is another imperative feature that works when the customer is trying to make a purchase online through your website. They cannot come to the store and make the payment; neither will you have the time to go collect the cash. However, you will be delivering the product but when it comes to money, online credit card processing is imperative.

It is better to sign up for a merchant account and leave the rest to them, to make the payment process easier.

Method For Processing High Risk Credit Cards

High Risk Credit Card Processing

               Credit Card Processing

Nowadays, people are largely depending of electronic cash, now better known as credit cards. For those of you who are wondering what a credit card is, they are nothing but cards that have electromagnetic chips or strips containing the information of the user. With this card, you will be able to dispense money without even having it in your account. However, you do have a credit limit and breaking the credit limit or failure of payment may lead to many issues. One of the basic principles that every credit card processing company follows is to stay away from high risk credit card processing.

In every business there is gain and loss and as long as there is enough gain, the company need not worry about losses much. However, one of the things with high risk credit card processing is that they provide more income to the card processing companies than any other cards as they do demand high end service and usage charges. The most complicated task that a credit card processing company faces is finding customers.

For finding apt customers, you would need to make a list of customers and then approach them with good plans and an offer that they cannot refuse. Even though many of them will refuse to take a credit card on the first meeting, contact them constantly, so they may take the credit card. Make sure that you tell the customers about the most attractive and money saving features of your card so that you may get the attention of the customer. If the customer is not interested in taking the credit card even then, there is no point in trailing him telling about the features of the credit card.

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                 High Risk Credit Cards

The person you are trying to sell the card to may not require a credit card. If that is the case, it is better that you change your attention to another person who might be interested in taking up your offer. Since the customers these days are very much aware of credit cards and their processing, make sure that you do have the answers to all their questions. Make them believe using your sales pitch and tell them about the plus points of having a credit card.

If you are planning to start a credit card business, then not only do you need to stay away from high risk credit card processing, but also need to have a good customer base.

Credit Card Processing Services For Business Establishments

Credit Card Processing

            Credit Card Service Providers

According to financial experts, it is better to use the credit card processing services offered by one’s personal banker rather than choosing a new service provider. They have enough reasons to back this opinion. Let us examine those points in the progress of this article. Before that, let me explain to you the inevitability of card processing services in an establishment.

Significance of credit card services today

More than half of the financial transactions done in cities are on credit cards. There is an increasing tendency among people these days to use credit cards for transactions. Credit card based transactions offer safety, transparency and simplicity to the transactions. If you are an entrepreneur, one of the most basic things you can do to make your business customer friendly is to set up a credit card processing service.

How to get started with a credit card service in your office?

In order to have a credit card service activated in your establishment, you need to have a merchant account. Usually, majority of the entrepreneurs have their merchant accounts with the big banks because they offer better services and have branches even in remote areas. Furthermore, big bankers offer more transparency to their services than small banks although their charges might be relatively bigger. The major advantage with having a credit card service from a well established banker is that the customer can have his transactions made instantly and from anywhere.

Nevertheless, getting a credit card service sanctioned from big bankers is not that easy. They are certain to evaluate your credit scores. Unless you have a sound credit score, they won’t sanction you the card processing service. So, as a first step, you should improve your credit score and then apply for the service.

Card Processing Services

        Best Credit Card Processing Service

Alternative card processing service options

If you can’t get a card processing service sanctioned by your main banker by any means, then you should try out any of the alternative options out there. Perhaps, you could approach any of the latest card processing service providers. Reports indicate that some of the new providers have integrated more sophisticated internet based technologies to facilitate card processing. So, in your new establishment, they would be ideal.

Credit card processing is an essential service. Business organizations can’t just do away without them. Before picking any specific card processing service, be sure to analyse multiple services and choose the most suitable one. If possible, go in person and consult the customer support desk of the service provider to get a clear idea.

Finding A Good Merchant Credit Card Processing Service

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           Credit Card Processing Services

It is not easy to figure out which credit card processing service you should choose for your firm. There are many card processing service providers out there, and they all provide different types of services and offer different credit card processing fees for the transactions. This makes it quite difficult to compare them.

Merchant credit card processing service

When you are looking for a credit card processing service for your firm, cost alone should not be the deciding factor. In fact, reliability and security are more important than the price considerations. The credit payment facility that you are setting up in your shop or website should work smoothly all year long without any problems. And, of course, security is another main concern when setting a credit card processing system. So, the service provider you are hiring should have all the means and facilities to protect the credit card information from the reach of hackers and identity thieves as well.

Reducing the credit card processing fees


                          Card Processing Fees

You need to hire a credit card processing service that follows standard industry rates. If you come across a credit card processing team that charges way below the industry standard, then you need to look at the services they are providing in their package. There is also a good chance that you might have to pay some other hidden charges later on. So, always go for a reputed firm that is known for their reliable and secure services, and then, try to negotiate with them, if possible, to get a more favourable rate for your firm.

There are also many other means, by which, you can reduce the total amount in card processing fees you will be paying them every year. Remember that cash transaction is still the better option, if you can somehow encourage your customers to pay in cash. Try offering some discounts or loyalty points for such cash transactions. This will make a small but significant change in the number of card transactions per year, and as a result, the total amount you will have to pay to the card processing service will be lesser.

Also, request your customers to bring the card with them. Swiping card transactions are charged lesser than online transactions. This also keeps a note on the security, as these ‘card-less’ transactions are deemed riskier.

These are just a few points about credit card processing services. Search our website for more such tips.

Take Caution Against Costco Merchant Accounts

Costco Credit Card Processing

             About Costco Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is in fact quite risky and since online trading cannot be accomplished without it, people generally offer their payments online without ensuring that the transaction is safe. You might have heard about Costco credit card processing. Although we use and believe the Costco credit card processing unit, the merchant accounts of the same cannot be completely relied upon.

People believe that Costco has introduced a merchant account like Elavon, where Elavon is simply a partner. They pay commission to Costco and that is the only benefit taken by them. Otherwise, all the tricks are rendered by Elavon. Let us check the various tactics implemented by Costco/Elavon.

  • As an initial attempt to attract users, Costco/Elavon promises a lower rate. The fact is that a majority of the transaction you perform using this will not enjoy the lower rate mentioned by them. People who adopt Costco credit card processing with Elavon will have to pay higher rates and that would be much more than the advertised rates. Only a few transactions enjoy lower rates as promised by them.
  • If you happen to make debit transactions, you will have to forecast over-charging on your account as Costco/Elavon take great payments on debit transactions. A majority of transactions today are done with the help of debit cards. The wholesale rate charged by Visa/MasterCard is .62% and Costco/Elavon will be charging 1.48% for each transaction.
  • Another major trick is their higher rates for reward cards. If you go through their website in detail, you would find a fine print and here all their conditions will be displayed. They specially mention the fact that the rates promised by them are meant for ‘qualified’ transactions. Here the term ‘qualified’ has great significance. They also specify that the reward cards methods at a greater rate.

    Rates Promised

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  • If you verify your credit cards, you will find that reward cards accounts for upto 70% of a normal credit card.  This means the rates that will be charged for about 70% of your transactions will be high.
  • If you wish to get rid of Costco credit card processing with Elavon, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of $95 upon which they will be pleased to end the agreement with you. Along with the cancellation fees, you will have to pay the remaining monthly fees as well.

Hope you have ample information about credit card processing. It would be better if you take caution while rendering any type of credit card transactions.

Major Advantages Of Quick Books Credit Card Facility

QuickBooks Credit Card Processing

            QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

QuickBooks credit card processing is in fact one of the best, hassle free and fastest credit card processing services when compared to other services. At QuickBooks, you can always expect a professional way of credit card payment transactions. This is certainly an exceptional feature, especially if you are running your own business venture. Back office works that is inclusive of managing and making the daily cash payments can be effectively performed with QuickBooks credit card processing. Read along to know more about the unique credit card processing facility.

QuickBooks credit card processing

One of the most notable advantages you get to enjoy with QuickBooks is that you will be able to receive payments in a much assured and faster way. You will be able to email invoices quickly with the help of the Pay Now link. Adding to that, you will also be able to make online cash payments with the ACH bank transfers, debit and credit cards. It is also very much convenient for you to accept and make spot mobile cash payments using your iPhone or Android smart phone.

You can also use the credit card processing facility to customize the scheduling of all the invoices and send it across to your customers. You can also send the invoices to your customers either in batches or individually. The unique credit card processing facility will enable you to view and maintain all your invoices. This will also help you to identify the pending invoices.

The online payment method is a very convenient feature that enables you to make quick credit payments while you are on the go. You can also automatically reconcile the payments and invoices with the credit card processing. The credit card processing facility will also enable you to receive automatic updates for your invoices.

Credit Cards

                         QuickBooks Premiere

You can rest assured that all the payments you make are going straight to the banks and there is no need for you to make any manual transfers. The pricing plans of the credit card processing facility are feasible. You can choose a plan that rightly matches your budget and requirement.

QuickBooks are always believed to be one of the most secured online payment processing facilities. No hidden contracts or commitments will be there that you have to make while subscribing to the credit card processing services. You can feel free to contact the much friendly customer care department in case you face any technical problem while sending or receiving payments.

Know More About Mobile Credit Card Processing


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It is easy to find a company that can provide you with the necessary services to carry out mobile credit card processing. Since there has been an increase in the number of providers, it has lead to a situation where you are able to choose from a long list of options. Making the right selection is very important. You need to make a selection based on your specific needs and requirements.

The business that you run should be able to prove its worth in the eyes of the bank, helping you out with credit card processing through credit cards. This is imperative since the pay offs and the other fees can be extremely costly.

The moment you realize that your business is able to run on its own, your merchant account can do the rest. You need to be very sure that the vertebra of your business is strong enough to stand on its own. You need to link the merchant account with the type of business you run to make further moves that work best in business.

The cost for carrying out credit card processing with equipments is relatively high when compared to the process carried out through mobile phones or internet. It is best to choose services over mobile phones and internet, which can happen on the go. When you utilize equipment, mobility is sacrificed.

It would be an ideal choice to use a laptop for processing payments on the go. If you are a frequent traveler who uses internet in the laptop on the go, you can just utilize the same for your payments as well; this will be easier and faster. This is a better alternative to all those costly machines used for carrying out credit card processing.


      Merchant Account Credit Card Providers

Moreover, when you have the merchant account set up for carrying out credit card payments, it would be great. You will be able to process the payment right in front of them. This reduces the fear of payments being declined and the long wait for the payment to credit into your account. You can carry out transactions without much hassle.

The cost will be higher when you go for mobile credit card processing along with the hardware devices. Nevertheless, this makes things much easier. The only drawback is that the fee for processing payments is more for people who choose to process with the help of equipments.

Though there are many companies who claim to offer the best services, it is your responsibility to make sure of the rates they provide and all such factors.

Top Credit Card Services For Your Business

Credit Card Processing Reviews

               Credit Card Companies

If you are running a small business, then it is advisable to avail the services of a third party credit card processor for various credit card operations. However, since there are many credit card processors, finding the right one could be a bit challenging. Therefore, in this post, we will find out the features of some of these companies from various credit card processing reviews.


According to some credit card processing reviews, 2Checkout offers you quick services. Once you reach an agreement with 2Checkout, the company can setup the credit card processing facility in a day. The small drawback is that they do not have a built-in software with the system. Therefore, it does not allow on the spot sign ups and all the affiliates of your business need to sign up separately and then remit the fees for it.


Clickbank has been serving business with credit card payment options for many years. The first thing to do before signing up with the company is to develop a website capable of accepting the payments as per the requirements of the company. The website should contain statements saying that credit card processing is carried out through Clickbank. It requires a minimum of three days to check the website for its functionalities and find out whether it is ready for the processing. Once ready, you can start offering credit card payment facilities to the users. According to credit card processing reviews, Clickbank offers one of the lowest rates to its customers. There have also been instances where some of the businesses have complained that the payment option failed to accept valid credit cards that resulted in the loss of business.


Payment Options

                Credit Card Payments

Most of the card processing reviews put PayPal among the top service providers in the sector. One of the advantages of using PayPal service is that they will help you to accept payments from non-US businesses too. It also requires only a few simple steps to sign up with PayPal. Customers also benefit with PayPal service as it allows them to use two or more credit cards. However, the fee for PayPal service is a bit higher than other credit card processors in the market.

Now, if you are getting ready to add an online credit card processing facility for your business, then go through the features of the above-mentioned services and choose the one that would fit your budget the best.